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As the latest COVID variant dashes many travel hopes, travelers are asking, “Can I travel to Mexico?” This gets asked a lot on travel forums and here at Mexican Insurance Store. The short answer is, Yes. Now with a ‘short answer’ qualifier, there’s got to be more explanation. Your instincts are correct.

What’s Going On?

In non-mumbo-jumbo speak, If you’re an American Citizen or Permanent Resident, you can travel back and forth into Mexico and the USA.

The official US travel restrictions are found on the US State Department Website.

The current restrictions apply to non-citizens and those without documented permanent residency.  While Mexico does not restrict travel, the USA will restrict travel into the USA.  Naturally, this is because of COVID-19.  Let’s discuss some scenarios and take a quick quiz.

  1. A British Citizen wants to Fly into Mexico and then into the USA. Is the Brit restricted from entry into the USA?
  2. A US Citizen wants to drive into Mexico and then drive back to the US a week later.  Are there any restrictions?
  3. A Mexican Citizen wants to drive into the USA to visit family and return to Mexico a week later.  Are there any restrictions?
  4. A US Permanent Resident wishes to fly to Cancun for a weeklong Caribbean vacation.  Are there any restrictions?
  5. A Canadian living part-time in Mexico wants to drive up through the USA back into Canada. Are there any restrictions?

Find the Answers Below

Regardless of whether you decide to travel now or wait until later, be cool.  Be respectful and follow any health protocols in place.  Stay prepared with a stash of masks.  Also, please be patient while your destination tries to accommodate you.

Now for the answers:1 Yes.  2 No. 3 Yes. 4 No. 5 Yes.

There are always exceptions, but by and large, travel into the US is restricted.

So that’s the long answer to, “Can I Travel to Mexico?”

This means…  Grab your bikini or trunks and head to Mexico to enjoy some sun and fun.  Be cool, tip well, and be grateful!

Just make sure you have your US Passport and quality Mexican car insurance from Mexican Insurance Store.